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Panorama of Bridgnorth Bridge

Stitching, why bother?

There are a couple of really good reasons for stitching: to squeeze in more scenery than your most wide-angle lens can handle
and to get more megapixels than you can afford to buy.

The first is more of a problem for non-dslr owners - most fixed lens cameras have a zoom range which
rarely takes you below the equivalent of a 36mm wide-angle.

The second is a problem if you want to print big.

AutoStitch was the first dedicated stitching program I could afford - it's free!
That, however, is not the reason I sing it's praises - it's because it requires hardly any setting up and it stitches in 2D.
That is, the order in which you give it the images is unimportant
and it will work with a patchwork of images, not just a single row of them.
What's more, it doesn't care if the angle you've shot at varies (you can even sneak in one taken upside-down) or you change the zoom setting.
Tripods are no longer needed!
The only thing I would recommend it that the camera is kept in the same place for all the shots
and even this is unimportant if there are no nearby objects to cause parallax issues.

If you really want to see how powerful this technology is, try the free demo of AutoPano Pro - it'll blow your socks off!

Click here for more of my own stitched images

To see the resolution advantage of stitched images check out the zoomable examples below.
The original photos were taken on a 3 Mpx Konica-Minolta 'bridge' camera.
Sorry, the javascript app doesn't always work on mobile devices.

Zoomify into Bridgnorth: from the Hermitage; from the Riverside or Skyline

Useful Links

AutoStitch: the first fully automatic 2D image stitcher and it's free!
AutoPano Pro: a much enhanced development of AutoStitch from Kolor for PC and Mac.
Serif PanoramaPro: a basic version for the PC which adds capture from video.
Calico: from Kekus - Mac panorama specialists (no longer available).


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